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These are gorgeous!

Where I found the artist.
His webpage
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It's harder than it looks. Also slightly tedious. But interesting. I scored average, but I couldn't tell you if it was because I couldn't tell the difference any more or if I didn't care. Given that I had 3 peaks of less-good ability to discern, probably a combination of both.

The cat and the baby are both zonked on the couch. It's terribly cute.
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What (if anything) are people using to backup their LJ posts and comments?

Specifically I'm looking for things that make it into a file format that still looks like an LJ. ljArchive did this. However I want it to still work. Sadly ljArchive is not currently working. I can read my old stuff which was kind of awesome and fun, but not capture the new stuff.

Why yes, I last backed up my LJ in 2008. This was probably shortly before I last backed up my computer. Are we noticing a pattern here? At least I have a reasonably good track record of doing it at all (though it is much more intermittent than would be ideal.

Anyways. What file types would be able to be navigated like an LJ? What programs are still functioning to grab LJs and comments in one functional whole?

Thanks everyone!
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Artscape is coming. And that means Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be full of free fun things to do in Baltimore. If you're around for the Nana Project's* evening parade, Tcepsa and I will be up on stilts, probably with Nanadu's 80s colorful group and we'd love to have people we know to visit with once we get down.**

*Nana Projects is the group that taught us to stilt walk as part of Free Fall Baltimore two years ago. An awesome group that gets together for parades and other happenings, I'm so glad we found them.
**I don't do much socializing when I'm up on stilts, it's too hard to stand still!
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Tonight, Tcepsa was making a spinach pie for dinner and I decided that we should have a second pie instead of a two-crust spinach pie. I remembered that we had peaches in the freezer from over the summer that would be best eaten before they freezer burned, and they hadn't been packaged well enough that they'd reliably last too much longer, so we decided on a peach pie.

While checking the web for recipes, I had a mischievous though cross my mind, "ginger-peach pie?" And found that such recipes do, indeed exist. Apparently that was sufficient to give me plenty of confidence in my ability to make an edible ginger peach pie because I forged onward with little regard for the posted recipes and made the pie based on what I thought would be yummy.

Ginger Peach Pie "Recipe"

1 deep purple snap-lock container mostly full of peaches, frozen
some cinnamon
less nutmeg
half-a-cup plus a bit of sugar
2 roughly-tablespoons-ish full of lemon juice
some ginger, frozen (about 1" cube, I think?)
1 pot of boiling water

Preheat oven to 350. You will change your mind and raise it to 375 about halfway through. You can just start there if you want.

Dump the frozen peaches into the boiling water and leave them be until thawed (and probably blanched), then pull them out with a slotted spoon and set to the side.

Add about 1/4 cup sugar to the peachy water. Pour into glasses and share the peach tea with whomever is in the kitchen with you. It's good, trust me...

Combine a heavy half a cup of sugar with a weak shake and a half of nutmeg, and 5-6 solid shakes of cinnamon. Mix a bit. Add the lemon juice, I think my mixing spoon is roughly a scant tablespoon, at any rate, there's a good bit of lemon juice. Stir to make a sticky paste in the bottom of the bowl. Grate as much frozen ginger as you want in your pie into the bowl using a microplane. Drain the peaches one more time, then pour them into the bowl and mix thoroughly.

Claim the pie-dish (we use corelle bakeware instead of our pie-tins, don't ask me why), from the other cook, and pour the mix into the middle. Push the edges of the pie crust down so they don't burn, but not so low that the (very wet) pie filling overflows.

Bake for 40-50 minutes or until done. Remove from oven and let cool so that you do not burn your tongue to bits on the molten sugar syrop. Serve warm, in a bowl, with ice cream.

We skipped the ice cream because T was also making cookies tonight and we figured we'd have our second desert in the form of cookie dough. We were right.

If you want the pie crust recipe, you'll have to ask Tcepsa. I think he's using a hybrid of the one in the Joy of Cooking and the one that came in our KitchenAid mixer's instruction booklet. Either way, he's using butter as the fat and adding the water one tablespoon at a time while mixing the dough using the KitchenAid. I thought the mixer was the change that made all the difference in the quality of his crust. He says it's the slow addition of the water. He's probably right, I don't do pie crust.
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Neighborhood Fruit is a website that helps people find fruit they can pick and eat close to them.

There is, sadly almost nothing listed on the East coast. Can anyone here help me fix that? I know a couple good public fruit opportunities in Seattle, but nothing in either Winchester, VA or Baltimore, MD.
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1. Charged with mental or emotional energy

I found it in a post on Bitch Ph.D" about mothering.

Here's the original sentence:
"My point, partly, is that there are a lot of really great books lately about how mothering is cathected with these expectations of perfection, more-so now than ever before, and how that is damaging."

I find it particularly amusing to find a word I've never heard of today. Last night at the bookstore, as we were leaving, other-me found a book with 100 words to learn in order to have a good vocabulary. I wish I remembered the title, it was rather smarmy. She flipped open the book and read one, I defined it, and another, and another. This was repeated until we got bored. Though some of the definitions were decidedly non-standard; they got the point across. For example urgent got defined as "problematic, right now." It's not a book I feel any obligation to buy, but it was fun to flip through. I even mostly agree with it. For those looking to expand their vocabulary, the editors made some good choices about what words would actually enrich their conversation and comprehension.
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...does not want to be bothered by pesky hoomans.


Apr. 15th, 2009 08:34 pm
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Thanks to wetdryvac, I got an invite here. And so I'm here.

Tonight I'm avoiding writing a business plan.
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Wearing woodshop hearing protection when someone is using the food processor* makes life MUCH more pleasant for the person standing next to them doing dishes.

In other news, the units listed in the recipe really do matter. Pancakes are not supposed to be 1:1 sugar:flour (they're supposed to be 1 tsp:1 cup). However after most of the sugar is scooped back out, the resulting sweet pancakes are actually quite nummy.

*There are now 6 zucchinis worth of zucchini bits in baggies in the freezer to be used for zucchini bread sometime later this year.
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Anyone know how long the lag is expected to be with either TextLJ or posting from email?

A Poll!

Jul. 20th, 2008 11:10 pm
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Aside from taking down a staircase, I also watched two superhero shows today: Dr. Horrible and The Dark Knight. I have strong feelings about both of them, but want some feedback while I compose my thoughts into a more legible form. Please answer my poll.

[Poll #1226846]
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The problem with having painted my toenails* for the first time in forever, is that I keep looking down and startling with the thought that I'm wearing someone else's feet.

*pink with gold sparkleybits, it's not a color I could stomach on my fingers, but it works surprisingly well on my toes once I remember that they are, in fact, mine.
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They're terribly cute, right up there with the fuzzy microbes.
Stuffed Particles
And they're weighted according to their mass.


Apr. 23rd, 2008 02:54 pm
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A handful of us, four to be precise, got together to watch a movie on Saturday. Other gatherings with that group have been games nights and we haven't played any games. Saturday it was a movie night and the movie was not watched, we played games instead.

And we got silly.
We put together this blokus board trying to legally get all the pieces on the board in such a manner that except for a rotation of 90 degrees, each colors pattern was identical to all of the others.

Image )

Anyone want to try to do better? Better being defined two ways, either you get all the pieces on the board, or you wind up with a smaller piece left over. More's the better if you can keep the singletons arranged at the very center of the board.

I really want to get the triangle version, my brain likes it much better.
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This entertaining gravity drawing program came into my awareness a couple weeks ago and I don't know that I remembered to link to it.

Over the weekend, Crayon Physics came along in my LJ reading and [ profile] tcepsa and I had a lot of fun launching the ball around the screen by drawing boxes under and through it.

I hadn't thought of either of these as a way to attempt to make static art until this crossed my screen this morning.

I still think I'm most inclined to launching things rather than attempting to balance a complicated image, but that's because I do my little fiddly things in real life rather than on a computer screen.

And now I'm going to go back to my knitting.
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Hey all,
Folks from school are looking to go to see History Boys on 4/19 (matinee, $36). We're trying to get a group rate and may need a couple extra people to add in so we actually have the minimum group size of 10 for the discount. If you'd be interested in the extra tickets, drop me a line and I'll see if we need people.
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"We don't do mind melds, for sanitary reasons, mostly."
Giggle. I do so love geeks.
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The bluetooth headset does NOT need to be filed underneath the stove.
Really it doesn't.
Especially not since I want to return it. It's not loud enough. The pick-up's fine, but if there's any background noise at all, I can't hear the person on the other end of the line.
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This is the recipe I  )

Despite not really following it last time, I went online and found it again before doing making the same, only tangentially related bitter melon curry a second time. I even took the computer into the kitchen so I could look at the recipe I wasn't really following.

This is what I'll be eating for the next few days )

I'm not sure the two recipes are anymore than distant cousins. One of these days, I'll believe that I can cook without a recipe. Until then, I'm much happier thinking of them as suggestions than I ever was following them slavishly.
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